The Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process has been used by car dealers and auto auctions for over 15 years.  It is a simple procedure where a metal rod is positioned behind the dented metal panel (eg.  fender, hood, left front door) and used to slowly massage the dent back to its original shape while keeping the paint intact.  Basically, we "unbend" the dent.  When done properly, there is no evidence that there ever was a dent.  Since no filler is used, nor is there any repainting, PDR will not lessen the resale or 'trade in' value of your vehicle like a traditional body shop repair would.

There are limitations to the PDR method:  The paint must not be broken around the damage;  we cannot repair paint.  Deep sharp dents, large areas of damage (bigger than a grapefruit) or damage that is close to the edge of a panel don't lend themselves to PDR.  Plastic body parts such as moldings, bumpers and certain manufacturers' body panels don't respond well to PDR, either. But hey, if you have damage like this, give us a call anyway:  sometimes we don't know what we can or can't fix til we try.